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Leadership and life skills through travel for people with and without disabilities.

Our Team

Our Team




Andrea MoorE

Executive Director, Co-host for “Everybody In” Podcast

Andrea Moore is a social artist, activist, educator, and entrepreneur. She began working with people who experience disabilities in 2002 as an adventure camp counselor at Adam’s Camp. Andrea discovered quickly that her own “special needs” were being fulfilled alongside the people she was hoping to serve, and her interest in the concept of mutual aid was sparked. In addition to serving as Executive Director for The Wayfaring Band, Andrea is a working artist using writing, performance, and photography to foster dialogue and connection across social and cultural lines. She is passionate about advocacy and responsible leadership, particularly in partnership with unprotected and disenfranchised communities, and she brings this experience to bear in all her pursuits.


Kendall Hagar

Program Director

Kendall is a licensed Special Education teacher, an advocate, and a lover of outdoor games. She became involved in the disability community in 2004 when she was just 12 years old as a volunteer for the Cherry Creek Special Olympics Aquatics Team. Now, she volunteers as head coach for the Denver Sharks. In addition to her love for Special Olympics, Kendall has been involved with several other disability organizations over the years; most notably Adam’s Camp and The Rise School of Denver were formative in shaping Kendall’s perspective on inclusion. Kendall is passionate about empowering people to find the skills to ask for help within the context of their special needs, as well as the sense of security required to share and express their special gifts. As Program Director for The Wayfaring Band, Kendall plans trips, connects with travelers and families, and executes our adventures with positivity and panache.


Jen GaNun

Program Assistant, Tour Roadie

Jen is an artist, community connector, animal lover, and advocate. One of Jen’s best childhood friends experiences Down syndrome, which sparked her interest in inclusion and allyship at a young age. Jen studied Rehabilitation & Disability Studies and Dance at Springfield College in Massachusetts. She has worked with people who experience disabilities in a number of capacities including music, recreation and animal-assisted therapy, residential support services, and inclusive theatre and dance programs. She is a current lead teacher for the Be Beautiful Be Yourself dance program, a partnership between the Colorado Ballet and Global Down Syndrome Foundation. As an artist, Jen has toured internationally as a dancer, singer, choreographer, and manager. She has ongoing projects with Itchy-O, Andy Thomas, Land Lines, and Lost Walks. Jen has a connective tissue disorder and feels lucky to work within an organization that respects and honors everyone's special gifts and needs. As Program Assistant for The Wayfaring Band, Jen supports the band in trip planning, program administration, and community relations.



Community Engagement, Co-host for “Everybody In” Podcast Season One

In addition to being a veteran traveler with The Wayfaring Band, Faith also works in the office part-time. Her focus is community engagement and partnerships, and she also co-hosted Season One of the “Everybody In” podcast. On the podcast, Faith loves being open and connecting with other people. Her zodiac sign is Leo, her favorite color is purple, and she enjoys cooking, knitting, coloring, and hanging out with her friends. Faith is grateful for her two sisters and her brother, her parents, her fiancé Conor, and her best friends, Danny and Jenny. As a woman who experiences Down syndrome, Faith has a message for other people with disabilities: “I want you to feel like you matter.”



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