The Wayfaring Band
Leadership and life skills through travel for people with and without disabilities.

Katie Boeck

Katie Boeck

Badlands or Bust TOUR, South dakota

July 2014

The band piled on the bus and traveled through Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming. Along the way we visited the Oregon Trail, Mount Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Memorial, the Badlands, and the Legend of the Rawhide festival in Lusk, WY. This was a true ramble through the Old West, and Katie was the ideal artist to have along for the ride. A singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, Katie has Americana roots and a voice full of soul. Her guitar was never far away, and the sound of her plucking the strings accompanied our travels as we rolled along the county highways in our big gray bus. Katie’s ode is a song called “Crazy Horse,” and we love it! We think there’s a pretty amazing parallel between the story of the Crazy Horse memorial and the experience of our band members who experience disabilities. The marginalized among us may be silenced, but that does not mean that they have no voice. We have heroes too! And Katie Boeck is one of them. 

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