The Wayfaring Band
Leadership and life skills through travel for people with and without disabilities.

Jared Sacramento

This song was inspired by a man Kendall and I saw at Nudies Bar. The band was playing Devil went down to Georgia and during the fiddle solo a man suddenly entered the bar dressed in full cowboy regalia and bursting with confidence. He starts dancing immediately and his footwork is WILD. We were so blown away by what we saw that we nicknamed him the cowboy love machine.

During our trip to the gentle barn we met a little goat named lolli who was so adorable that everyone in the group fell in love with her. She was getting ready to go into surgery and so I felt inspired to write a little song for her. It’s kinda corny, but so am I.

This was a song I wrote before the trip that envisions a world full of love, which is what being on a wayfaring trip felt like. We came together in the spirit of overcoming hate and letting people of different backgrounds just enjoy life together. I’d tried to record this song with three different singers, myself included, and it was garbage until Jen GaNun sang it. The obvious metaphor being this world full of love could not be possible without the kind of people The Wayfaring Band is made up of.

Jared Sacramento

Nashville, Tennessee tour

October 2018


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